Animation/ Reactor test

Been playing around with reactor while thinking of more animations for me to try.
currently got a bowling idea, dancing to an mp3 layer and using a yoyo.

Got to the stage where im happy with the cable, but i cant seem to make the body of the dee rig a rigid body. any ideas how to do this to make the cable collide with the body rather than passing through it?

Ignore the animation for now, thats just to get some basic movement for the cable to move.


~ by Favell on November 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Animation/ Reactor test”

  1. from what i remember on max, just set the body as a collision object and softbodies with react accordingly. if you get problems with collisions because the whole character is a collision object then make a proxy version of the character, parent constrain to the joints and make each one of the objects collision objs. hope that helps.

  2. Thank you very much Lee. I did try setting it as a collision object but all i could change was the mass, when I needed it to be unyeilding but everything else was greyed out. after getting your message I started playing around with the havok world settings and found the same properties list for collision objects except this one wasn’t greyed out :s

    All works now 🙂

    Now to get on with some animation 😀

  3. Found that if the cable is touching a number of objects it breaks and often passes through some where. So ive gone with the proxy solution 🙂

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