Well I think its time i actually put stuff in here, so I’ll start by mentioning the types of programmes I watched while growing up.
1st is Rockos Modern Life.

was a great series with lots of great characters.
nickelodeon was the main channel i would want to watch, with shows such as AAaaaah! real monsters, Kenan and Kel and Rocko’s modern life. I think i was drawn to the slapstick over acting.

After that i remember watching some old school MTV back when they had Beavis and Butthead showing, after watching a few episode i soon became of Mike Judge, it wasnt because of the style, it was more of the dialogue, which is a constant strength through his work, such as in Office Space and Idiocracy ( I recommend them )
I wont find a clip to show because im sure everyone has seen it before. Althought i do remember seeing another show which was on after beavis and butthead, Lloyds Lunchbox, Its was a cartoon on during Headbangers Ball. I will warn you its not for the faint hearted.

So yea that was created by Craig ‘Spike’ Decker and Mike Gribble. They are Founders of the The Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation, Theres a dvd somewhere, with works from the festival on it with works from such animators as Nick Park, Marv Newland, Tim Burton, Barry Purves, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Will Vinton, and more.

From there i have moved through programs such as Happy tree Friends, Drawn Together, Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, Monkey Dust. But if you read the about me section you will know that i didnt really have any plan to go into animation, nothing really inspired me or gave me the idea of “thats what i want to do!” although now that I have learnt more about the process I find my self looking back at these programmes and see scenes which i would like to animate.

I find my self these days just watching peoples show reels and the one which still blows me away every time i see it is TJ Phans,
Here is the link to his site TJ Phan

Love how simple this video is and how all motion is to the beat of the song.

Also seen this recently, have to respect stop motion.

So I think thats enough for now, will post something else here soon.


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