Blog now with added CV

•September 3, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I have added a cv page now, so feel free to check it out.

no update on my model yet, the latest work I have done is put a biped inside to skin it and see if the model deforms as it should.


Model Update

•July 23, 2010 • Leave a Comment

So this is how far i have got with the head. Had a few tips from kevin about how to go about it, which really helped (thanks kev)
I feel the eyes are a bit big from the front view, but i plan to put eye lids in which should make them appear smaller, I hope.


Feel free to give feedback, it’s very welcome 🙂

New work

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Hey, for a while now i have been modelling my own character, using lots of tutorial websites and books. My initial design (below) is supposed to be a version of myself, nice and simple which won’t require lots of work in texturing or any over complicated rigging.
I feel the body is coming along with a few areas which need touching up, mainly to add definition.

Initial Design –


Model –

Ignore the head for now, i am still having problems modelling it, I think it’s because im not yet sure how to rig it, with bones or with morph targets. If anyone had any suggestions or any links to tutorials to point me in the right direction feel free to post them to me.

Please let me know your thoughts on the work so far, or if anyone wants the model to look at or to play around with, just ask 🙂

Update on what im doing.

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Hey, havn’t been here for a while. I have been having some time off doing work and catching up with friends.

here is the showreel i came up with at the end of uni, I’m not happy with all the work but thats something i plan to work on.

Mark Favell 2010 Showreel from Mark Favell on Vimeo.

I have recently started modelling my own character to make a more personal showreel, which I will rig and animate. I am working in Max for now just to get my memory back on how to model and rig, but later I plan to export my model out of Max and into Maya and have a go at rigging in maya.

Web Site Up and Running!

•May 10, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I have now created a web site, there is a link under blog pages. The site has my showreel and porfolio up there, aswell as my contact details. feel free to check it out.

An update about my work, I got my feedback today, its going to be a busy 2 weeks but there is nothing major to do… except my horse animation, but i have been putting that off because of rig problems, but i have sorted that now, so that will be sorted in the next few days.

Quick Update

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hey, i have recently added two new pages to my blog, a portfolio tab which shows some of my life drawing work. Also a Showreel tab, this is only a rough showreel with alot of work that is still work in progress. seeing as my major project is to create a showreel, it will be updated after my final deadline ( 21st of may )

I am currently waiting for feedback on my work from my tutors, After feedback there will be alot more activity on this blog with some finished work… hopefully.

Dialogue update (WIP)

•April 14, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I took my dialogue piece out of block, only to find it is full of gimbal.
This is how far i have come, i hope no one will notice where i have hidden limbs so you dont see them flip out.

I know I havnt been posting very often, I have been busy with dissertation and business stuff. I have finished my collaberation, I plan on polishing them abit more if i get time. I will post those up some time soon.